Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Phasing out...

Little by little the west is phasing out of my life.


after :(

I will admit, loosing my Colorado plates was hard.... I registered Faris (yes, that is my car's name) the Focus in Virginia over a month ago... and I just barely changed the plates over. I really do love the Colorado license plates. Now it sucks bc the Colorado mountains were the only way I would spot my car from across the parking lot. A lot of people have Ford Focuses and sometimes it can get a bit difficult to pick Faris out from sea of red four door sedans.

I also had to get a new license.... :( I was bummed by that bc it was the one photo ID I had where I actually liked how the picture turned out. I am waiting to get my new drivers license in the mail. I already know I am going to hate the picture. It was raining that day and for some reason I never feel nor look cute on rainy days.
Lets hope the license is not as boring as the VA plates... if so, I might suggest they start personalizing driver's licenses like they do credit cards and license plates. If that were the case I would have them put the "Virginia is for lovers" slogan with a big heart in the background. Maybe that will improve my chances of finding a lover ;) You know... maybe some cute guy will need to check my ID and realize he needs a lover (and when I say lover, I mean it in the long-term-boyfriend sense of the word) and there I will be. Subliminal messaging works...

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Serena Cherry said...

Welcome to The East!!