Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in La Paz

I have been having so much fun watching the world cup! Aguante ARGENTINA! I am glad I got to serve my mission in a country that ROCKS at soccer! I hope they go all the way.

I am back in La Paz for a week or so. I went to go watch the Argentina vs. Mexico game. Here in the Plaza del estudiante. It was so much fun.

There were hundreds of people there. It couldn't have been better.

the other day we went to this huge fair that they have in El Alto, and we wanted to get a fruit salad. We decided to get the one for 8 Bolivianos... we hoped it would be enough to share....I mean its only a dollars worth... but in the end, had more than enough!

now that school is out, my little brothers and I like to take it easy and watch movies on my laptop. Here are Jovy and I. We won the lazy award and Elvis lost. So he had to make us hot chocolate.