Monday, March 28, 2011

Tin Foil Chef

I have started a dinner group for C1 called 'Tin Foil' Chef. How it works: Each month there will be a key ingredient.
For example, this month the ingredient was lime. Each person needed to prepare one item that contained the key ingredient. It could have been a drink, side dish, main course or a dessert. They could have cooked on their own or have teamed up with some friends. Once we all had sampled the different delectable delights, we had an anonymous vote to see who would be awarded Tin Foil Chef title. The winner won the amazing trophy pictured above and they got to choose what the key ingredient will be for next month.

I am happy to say we had a great turn out and great competition. The winners on this month cooked a Key Lime Pie. It was delicious. They were pretty excited to take home the Tin Foil Chef trophy/title. As promised they were able to choose the ingredient for next month. They chose cream cheese. Next month they will have to bring the Tin Foil Chef trophy back and defend their title.

Honorable mentions: Chili Mac and cheese bake, Holy Guacamole, Lime Popcorn and those cool lettuce thingys (I wish I could remember what they were called!)

I am looking forward to this monthly tradition :) Good food and great people.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Phasing out...

Little by little the west is phasing out of my life.


after :(

I will admit, loosing my Colorado plates was hard.... I registered Faris (yes, that is my car's name) the Focus in Virginia over a month ago... and I just barely changed the plates over. I really do love the Colorado license plates. Now it sucks bc the Colorado mountains were the only way I would spot my car from across the parking lot. A lot of people have Ford Focuses and sometimes it can get a bit difficult to pick Faris out from sea of red four door sedans.

I also had to get a new license.... :( I was bummed by that bc it was the one photo ID I had where I actually liked how the picture turned out. I am waiting to get my new drivers license in the mail. I already know I am going to hate the picture. It was raining that day and for some reason I never feel nor look cute on rainy days.
Lets hope the license is not as boring as the VA plates... if so, I might suggest they start personalizing driver's licenses like they do credit cards and license plates. If that were the case I would have them put the "Virginia is for lovers" slogan with a big heart in the background. Maybe that will improve my chances of finding a lover ;) You know... maybe some cute guy will need to check my ID and realize he needs a lover (and when I say lover, I mean it in the long-term-boyfriend sense of the word) and there I will be. Subliminal messaging works...