Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roadside attractions

While my friends and I were driving through Kansas on our way to Washington DC, we saw signs for "the largest prairie dog in the world". When I was younger we took a couple of road trips out east. That meant taking I-80 all the way through Kansas. I remember passing these signs and wanting to stop. Its not that I REALLY wanted to see the worlds larges prairie dog... it was more that I had cabin fever from being in the car and I was really bored because Kansas is so flat. However my dad would never stop. So this time around I realized that I was in control and could stop if I wanted. So we pulled into the dirt parking lot and entered the most foul smelling building I have ever been in. It was filled with animals that were dead and stuffed. However we didn't see the largest prairie dog. For that we had to pay 8 bucks to go out back and check it out. In my mind the prairie dog was going to be some dead stuffed animal that was super fake, but boy was I wrong.... It was an incredibly simple cement statue.

I mean I knew it was a scam all along and I knew I was going to get ripped off, but I didn't think it was going to be THIS bad. However, other attractions out back were other live animals. The nastiest was a 6 legged cow. Unfortunately that image will be with me for a while. Dad, you were right not to stop.

So do any of you have funny stories about unusual road side attractions?